NBA Betting

Overview of Betting on NBA matches

Betting on the NBA is becoming more and more popular in Australia. With the advent of online and mobile gambling, more people than ever are able to place bets easily on a basketball match no matter where they are. However, there are certain things that every bettor can do in order to reduce their chances of losing and maximize their odds of winning. Especially for betting on NBA basketball, there are certain variables that must be watched and certain rules that should be followed. Below are several tips for betting on the NBA to maximise your winnings and bankroll.

Diversify you Basketball Bets

One of the biggest tips that should be followed is to diversify the bets that are placed. For example, if you have $1,000 that you want to spend gambling over the next month do not risk it all on one match. There are so many variables that go in to basketball gambling that it is easy to lose everything, especially considering that even the best NBA teams will lose around 20 games in a season. One of the great things about sports betting is that there is ample opportunity to make money, but at the end of the day that money can be lost as well. Even if you feel that you know the team well and it’s a “guaranteed win”.

Live In-Game Betting on Basketball

A great way to lock in wins during a game in the NBA is in-game betting. There are several strategies that bettors can take on using this strategy. First of all, a bettor would have to make a bet before the game on either the spread or the result of the game. During the first part of the game, if things are going the bettor’s way, they will then hedge against themselves. For instance, if a bettor said their team would win by ten or more and that team is suddenly up by 20, the bettor could then bet in the opposite direction by the amount of points they are up on the bet. Although this can decrease overall winnings, it can reduce the risk of the bets and is a good way to ensure you will win at least something.

Do Your Research on NBA Teams

Always do your research on who is playing each game. You might think Cleveland will beat Detroit but if the Cavs are resting LeBron you might reconsider that bet and look for some value on the Pistons. It’s easy to be burnt if the team doesn’t line-up the way you expected it to, so always do your research – we can’t stress this highly enough!

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